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Description:   Branches for OpenVMS provides an "operator in a box" to service your tape and optical disk data libraries during "lights-out" and "hands-off" operations.

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Peridexion This tool facilitates code review record keeping by storing review information in subversion properties on code branches.

Win Themer Applies KDE's beautiful oxygen icon theme to windows. Keep checking for updates! Written in NSIS. Please download the source code from the "branches" folder in the SVN repo. Unfortunately the current version of this program has several bugs on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Help ...

Automatic JUnit Creation Tool The Automatic JUnit Creation Tool analyzes java classes to map all possible test branches. The tool then guides users through the generation of a JUnit test. Rapid Creation of JUnit Tests for Nearly All Java ClassesIncreased Code CoverageHuman Readable JUnit TestsGraphical User InterfaceTest Creation WizardCross ...

Fractal Forge Fractal Forge is an application written in Delphi that lets you easily explore the branches of the Mandelbrot set. It has received several very positive reviews.

Kaolak Community System Kaolak is a web-based community sytem running on Apache with PHP4 and MySql. A community is defined by its users and documents and forms a kaolak branch. Kaolak is designed to handle many branches transparently from each other.

Ubuntu Backports Project The Ubuntu Backports project's goal is to provide a stable AND up-to-date Ubuntu Linux system by backporting desktop applications from Ubuntu's Development branches and Debian Sid.

Branch Tracer for Linux In this project, we develop the branch instruction tracing function and its analysis tool. The main aim of this project is to implement this function without change of Linux Kernel source code by using the function of Pentium 4, without recompile.

Branching Manager This software is dedicated to help you managing your branching strategy for a configuration management system.

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